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Social Media Management With A Seamless User Experience


BluHorn Social is the only management system you need to give your business a well-rounded, professional social media presence. We stay on top of the latest technology and make sure our software offers the best tools that you have at your disposal 24/7.

We offer our users a seamless management process. From content publishing to automation, BluHorn Social is as user-friendly as it gets.

We don’t just offer social media management software. We are fellow users of it. We took years of experience with different systems and fine-tuned our platform to combine an effortless management system with all the bells and whistles businesses need to easily run social media campaigns.

BluHorn Social is social media management for business professionals, by business professionals.

Connect with your audience

Create the perfect message and connect with customers and clients across different social media platforms. Easily draft, edit, and customize your message to fit your brand.

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience by having all of your social media activity inside a single digital hub. Answer comments and questions within our user-friendly platform across all channels you post on.

Grow your business

Create a sense of community by staying in touch with potential and regular clients and customers across the social media outlets that matter to you.

Amplify your brand by automating campaigns, reviewing historic and real-time data, and cutting through the noise so you can connect with people directly.

Easily manage multiple channels for different clients all from one place. Switch between accounts seamlessly, get approval faster by being able to collaborate with clients, and customize your content review experience. With our user-friendly software your workflow will be fast and efficient, no matter what social media project you are working on.

Create value

Bring value to your brand by representing more than just your product. Tell your story, craft and fine-tune your message, and communicate solutions to your target market’s problems through stunning visuals and all the latest social tools available.

Want to create a campaign focused on driving customer awareness? Schedule your content for weeks and months in advance with our automation system.

Want to streamline your social media strategy? Only focus on the channels that matter to you so you can get back to business.

Want to increase your brand’s social proof? Add any channel to your posting checklist anytime, and use our detailed analytics to only post what matters most to your followers.

Schedule in advance

Design a schedule optimized for your social media followers. Set up a schedule to ensure you don’t miss a day. Plan weeks or months ahead and gather the statistics you need through our reporting to increase campaign engagement and traffic to your pages.

Our tools simplify sharing and content creation. This allows you to get back to work creating new content and doing what matters most, engaging with your social media followers.

Not only will you be able to schedule both new and recurring content and campaigns, you will be able to customize the audience it is delivered to with Targeting, and where it gets delivered to with Geo-coding. This allows you to optimize your social media analytics, making your campaigns more successful in the long run.

Stay up To Date

Stay up to date with all of your direct messages, comments, shares, and more with a centralized inbox for your social media channels.

Stay on the BluHorn Social platform while you answer comments and questions to save time and ensure you never miss an important notification.

Gain powerful insight from collected data to drive business growth and optimization. Track your published content and provide high quality reports to clients. Monitor engagement, audience growth, and goal performance across all social channels.

The Advantage of BluHorn Social


BluHorn Social combines all the latest social media management technology with a use experience tailored to the life business professionals lead. Streamlined with the busy working professional in mind, scheduling posts and automating content is a cinch. Reviewing data and monitoring activity brings new life to your projects by giving you all the information you need to optimize.

Put our expertise to work for you. Take advantage of decades of research, experience, and insight into social media and management software, all powering our BluHorn Social platform.


Compare Multiple Channels

Go beyond looking at insights on a single social profile by comparing performance across multiple channels. Find out what business activities best correlate to social campaigns. Easily search and track keywords. Schedule content on the right days at the right times for maximum social proof.

Data icon

Report Data

Build reports filled with compiled analytics and data within presentation-ready templates. White label your reports with your own company logos. This feature is perfect for agencies managing different accounts and sending reports to multiple clients.


Deliver Results

Export and download data in CSV files. Schedule reports in advance to auto-run at specific times and intervals. Deliver your reports via email or directly upload to Google Drive accounts.

Social Media Content

Optimize Social Media Content

Drill down into performance analytics and categorize posts for optimum organization. Learn which posts earn the most engagement. Figure out when your audience is most active with your content. Know which social channels deliver the most value to your business. Understand the types of content to post and when to post them.

The BluHorn Social Experience


At the heart of BluHorn Social is a team of representatives dedicated to giving you the best social media management experience possible. Always available to answer questions, our service team is here for you every step of the way whenever you need help or guidance.

We pride ourselves on our positive user feedback and will always strive to ensure you have the best experience possible with BluHorn Social. Visit our Testimonials page to see what our users are saying about us.

White Label Management

Optimize With All The Latest Business Tools

Grow your agency with a completely customizable social media management system that highlights your unique brand identity. Our solution fits perfectly with your business. Customize user experience, all the way down to email notifications and web domain.


Team Management

Approach Social Media Management As A Team

Assign work and give specific individuals access to your projects. Add team members to projects and customize access levels. Separate profiles by brand, location, and other options. Manage any of your clients’ personal information securely. Your employees no longer need to have them. Allow your customers to access reports.


Assign Roles

Assign Specific Roles

Each team member in your project may have various levels of access. Some users may be responsible for management such as responding to comments and questions, talking to followers, etc. Other team members may be responsible for content strategy and automation. You can also allow customers to access your dashboard. Or you can allow them to only access reports.


Maximize Content

Maximize Social Content

Repurpose content by overlaying your own custom message with our various editing tools. Quickly create various pieces of content and share for approval. Easily schedule content to post during the most active times for maximum exposure.


Simple Pricing

Social Basic

(Billed Annually)
Best in Class Analytics & Reports
Up to 12 Profiles*
Up to 2 Users*
3 Projects (Brands)
1 Social Listening Searches
Unlimited Publishing/Scheduling
Chat & Email Support

Social Advanced

(Billed Annually)
Everything from Social Basic plus
Additional 12 Profiles* (Total 24)
Additional 2 Users* (Total 4)
Additional 3 Projects (Brands) (Total 6)
5 Social Listening Searches
Competitor Tracking
Same-day phone support

Social Pro

(Billed Annually)

Social Enterprise

(Billed Annually)
Everything from Social Advanced plus
Access to BluHorn Media Buying and Planning Advanced Subscription
Post-Buy & Invoice Reconciliation
Digital Integrations (Google Ads & Facebook)

*Additional users can be added to any package for $49 per month or $499 per year.
**Additional markets will be available at $15 per month or annually at $150.
***There will be an additional $500 annual ratings integration fee per ratings provider (Nielsen, Comscore) for Advanced, Pro and Enterprise users. Additional fees may apply.

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